What is the Vidi E-novation contest?


The ultimate goal of this contest is to stimulate the development of innovative ICT products in Croatia,competitive on the demanding international market

Vidi e-novation contest and the award are based on long experience in organizing Vidi Web Top 100 contest, the most important national web contest in Croatia.

Our goal is to give the award to the most prominent and innovating ICT projects and ideas that represent the best that Croatia has to offer on the international market of hi-tech products.
We would like this award to enable the best ICT projects in Croatia to become known to the wider public, to gain credibility and easier access to financial resources.

The founders of this contest consider the rich history of technological inventions in Croatia a good base for the development of innovation contest. Nikola Tesla, Ruđer Bošković, Marin Getaldić, Faust Vrančić, Slavoljub Penkala and Ivan Lupis are just some of those who lived, worked and created on this territory, and their inventions have immensly contributed to the welfare of the human kind.
The fact the inventions such as torpedo, pen or zeppelin were created on this territory accounts for the invetiveness of the people on Croatian ground.

Even today, Croatia has provided the innovators and inventions that have had a significant impact on the development in the IT and telecommunications branch.

For example, Croatian and world public is not very familiar with the fact that Tomislav Uzelac, the student of Faculty of Computing and Electronical Engineering, holds the patent for the first MP3 decoder and has thus contributed to the popularization of the MP3 players world wide. The aim of this award is to stimulate and present exactly such inventions to the Croatian and international public as complete products.
Even today, Croatia provides numerous individuals and companies, usually unfamiliar to the public, who sell their ICT and communication products on demanding international markets: Germany, USA, Switzerland, France, Finland, Sweden etc.

The founders of Vidi e-novation contest, Ruđer Bošković Institute and the publishing company Vidi, have a wish to additionaly stimulate the Croatian IT community and to provide a creative atmosphere. The emphasis is put on the incitement of the development and export of hi-tech products which will encourage the emergence of successful individuals and companies in the future.

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