"Tesla's egg" is the most familiar device worldwide, invented by Nikola Tesla, that was used to demonstrate the effect of the reversed magnetic field.

Eight years ago, as we were creating the symbol and the statue for the Vidi Web Top 100 contest, the sculptor Siniša Reberski came up with the so called Internet Oscar. It was actually designed as a Cyclop, a one-eyed giant holding a hammer in his hands to symbolize work and visionary- values that we considered important for designing a good quality website.

Likewise, we wanted the award for E-Novation contest to be the symbol of a worldwide known achievment of a Croatian scientific innovator.

After giving it much thought and revising several dozens of suggestions, we agreed upon the Tesla's egg, since this notion can be found on many Croatian websites, as well as on those in e.g. English, French, German etc.

Tesla came up with this device in 1888 and he presented it in Chicago on the World Exhibition in 1893 to demonstrate the effect of a copper electromagnetic field that set an egg on its peak by rotation.
For his original device, Tesla used an iron kernel surrounded by four coils. The device was powered by the alternating current to create a rotating electromagnetic field. It worked with the current frequency from 25 to 300 Hz.

The replica of Tesla's egg as the one made by Nikola Tesla in 1888, in the Technical Museum, Zagreb

This ingenious invention and its demonstration attracted the attention of investors towards the potential of alternating current, and thus enabled the invention of the first electric motors and their widespread use.

Due to all facts mentioned above, Tesla's egg seems to be the best example of how the achievements of a scientist from this region came to be acknowledged worldwide as a brilliant invention and of how a genious presentation to the public and the investors can help realize the huge market potentials of truly great innovations.

The artistic interpretation of Tesla's egg, made by the sculptor Velibor Macukatin for the needs of Vidi e-novation contest.  

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